Saturday, September 4, 2010

Carter, Carter, Carter...

Oh boy - You are gonna LOVE this!  I'm not sure what it is about this kiddo, but he sure is somethin' else. He's generally smiling, with the twinkliest blue eyes I've ever seen and doing something ALL the time to make someone laugh.  I think he's the one that brings the life to this house.  Not that everyone else is completely boring....but Carter definately keeps us on our toes.  Here's the latest....

History:  We've never had a cat.  My sister used to have two and Carter was deathly afraid of them for a while.  She's down to one now, that is friendly and Carter and Jackson have fallen in love.  They've decided that we can give up the last puppy (which we were going to keep for ourselves) if we can have a cat instead.  Of course, the Dad of the house is completely against any such crazy thing.  Oh...the puppy is leaving, that's ok with him. The cat idea, though, that's a "no-go".  This cat idea has been rolling around in his head for the last week or so - since we spent a couple of days at my sister's house.

A Couple Days Ago:  Jackson and Carter are returning a dog to a neighbor's house.  I go out to see if they are on their way home, and Jackson is carrying an orange and white striped cat back with him.   He's nearly skipping, he's so happy and just thrilled with himself that he's rescued an orphan that needs a home.  It was a stray he picked up along the way and decided this would be the cat they would keep in lieu of the puppy.  Jackson carried it in the house, and Doug required its immediate removal.  I tried to tell them that their Dad wasn't going to be happy..but ya know, they had to see for themselves.

Last Night (Friday):  The kids and I arrive home around 8:30 from Silver Dollar City.  The striped cat was in our garage.  Of course, this meant that the cat must already love us and want to stay here.  Again, Doug required the removal of said cat.  The boys were not happy, but distracted by the fact that they were spending the night with a friend.  We got packed and headed to the sleepover.

This Afternoon - 4:00 ish:  Doug, Harrison and I drive into the garage from running errands.  As I'm walking through the garage, I hear a cat meowing....not a happy meow, either.  Following the sound, I head over to the corner where there is a stack of coolers.  I figure the cat must be stuck behind there or something and can't get out.  I see no cat, but still hear it and look down to find a cooler upside down.  Apparently, the cat is inside.  Hmmm....interesting.  Well, as you might guess the cat found inside that cooler did, indeed, have orange and white stripes.  Doug came to help and I asked him if he thought the boys would've put that cat in there.  "No.  They wouldn't have done that.  The cat was probably just jumping around and tipped it over and got stuck.", he says.  I figured he was probably right.  The boys really liked that cat and I know they wouldn't have hurt it.   I was just glad the boys weren't here to see it in our garage again.

This Evening - 7:30 ish:  The whole family arrives home from the sleepover and doing some birthday shopping.  We unload the van and Carter follows me inside to the kitchen.  "Have you seen the big, blue cooler?", he asks.
I raise my eyebrows, try to hide the grin creeping over my face and ask, "What?  The blue cooler?"

"Yeah,  you know...the big blue one.  Do you know where it is?  I need it."  He's completely innocent looking and isn't showing any signs of distress at all.

"Nope.  I haven't seen it.  Why are you so interested in it, Carter?"

"Oh, nothing really.  I just like the color.  Blue's my favorite."  He's starting to get a little animated now..flipping his hands up like 'whatever'.  "Oh, nevermind.  I don't really need it.", as he walks out the back door to the garage and starts looking.  Doug had hosed it out and set it in the front yard to dry.  Carter couldn't see it from where he was standing.  He's looking, but trying to be nonchalant about it.

"Really?  Well, you sure seemed interested."

Now, really throwing both hands up, starting to grin and flash the eyes he says, "Oh, I don't need it all.  Just forget about it.  It's nothin'."  He walks to the back of the van and out into the driveway and I follow him and point out that the cooler is right there in the yard.  He flashes his eyes me and walks toward it, bends over to get a good look and then stands straight up and says, "Well, where'd that orange cat go?!" He's grinning and so nervous that he starts to snicker but tries not to.

"Carter, did you put that cat in that cooler?"

Without hesitating for even a second, he covers his mouth with both hands, starts to giggle and says, "Yeah, I did.  But where'd it go?"  I told him I didn't know and that he had done something really mean to that poor kitty, since it couldn't breathe inside that cooler.  He stood straight up, got really serious and asked if it was dead.  When I explain that it wasn't, he relaxed and got the grin back.  He threw his arms around again and said, "Well, you never told me that before!  I didn't know he wouldn't be ok with the lid shut!"

I asked him if he had put that cat in there all by himself or if Jackson helped him and he stood up, smiled a big, happy smile and said, "Nope!  I did it AAALL by myself!"  Honest to goodness, he was truly proud of himself and didn't even consider that he might not be in as much trouble if Jackson took part of the blame.

I wish I'd had my camera - the look on his face was priceless.  You gotta love him!  Well...I'm sure the cat doesn't, but I sure do!  

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