Friday, August 20, 2010

I'm Missing Africa!

I miss the sound of this little drum playing!

I'm so excited for my friend, Tiffany, and her husband, Rich.  He is headed to Sierra Leone in just a couple of weeks to spend some time helping at The Covering.  I can't wait to hear all about his trip!  How the kids are doing now...what's going on...what the new buildings are like....and, of course, to see pictures of everyone!  I SO wish I could go, too!

God is amazing, though, and as I look back on my own experience in Sierra Leone and the emotional journey it's been since I've been home, I think I'm finally beginning to be able to relax again, rest and be content in knowing that I am right where God wants me to be.  Home.  With my family.  Being a mom to the three wonderful blessings He has given me already.

My three blessings with their Papa Rod.

It's really taken a while for me to get here.  I can't believe what just one week in a world so different from my own can do to a girl.  We left on May 17th and returned on the 27th.  It's taken almost three months for me to feel somewhat "normal" again in my own home.

Don't get me wrong - nothing will ever be the same...the "normal" I once knew is gone forever.  I'm in love with Africa and, in particular, a group of 80+ kids that live at a place called The Covering.  Four of those children, the ones we sponsor, I feel a particular responsibility for.  We will always be a part of their lives.  I'm looking forward to watching them grow and change and getting to know them - even if it has to be from across the ocean.

"Our" kiddos in Africa - Mamie & Muhamed

And the twins, Geraldine & Gerald

Until now, though, I've been restless and a little out of sorts about what it is I am supposed to do with this new love of mine.  I still don't know all that we will do, honestly, but the uneasiness isn't as prevailing anymore.

God sure has opened our eyes in the past several months.  I'm so very thankful and will be forever grateful.  It has changed everything about us.  The way we look at the world. Our own lives.  The inconveniences we face occasionally.  The way we parent.  The way we shop.  The way we eat.  Everything.

I do know that mission work will forever be a part of our lives now.  Our sons will participate as they are old enough.  They will grow up seeing and knowing about the poverty in the world and how it affects so  many.  I pray that God will shape their hearts and help them to be compassionate to all  people and willing to make sacrifices for others.

I do miss it, and I'm looking forward to going back again.  Hopefully soon.  We are hoping to be able to travel back together in February.   We are praying about it and are waiting patiently to see what God has in in store.  Whatever it is, it will be for His glory and I'll be excited to play my part.

Kids waving to us at Grafton Refugee Camp.  

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