Sunday, September 5, 2010

Happy Birthday, Harrison!!!

My baby turned 3 today.  He had a great day, complete with Nana and the Papas, a few good friends, lots of Thomas the Tank Engine gifts and even a swim.   He was just thrilled.  For more than a week now, he's been blurting out, "My durday comin' up!"  or he's ask, "My durday comin' up?" and when you would say, "Yes!" he lit up like a Christmas tree and would dance around singing, "Oh ye-ah...Oh ye-ah!"

He really is a big boy now, and has changed so much even in the last few months.  From potty training to sleeping in his own bed (with his brothers, of course) to DIVING into the pool just like the big boys....he is one step behind them but follows their every move.  He absolutely adores Jackson and Carter, and let me warn you that you should not even think about getting rough with them.  Harrison has their back already!

I just love this age SO very much, and I have to admit that I'm a little sad that it is slipping by so quickly.  I know all to well that before I know it, he will be riding a big boy bike and going to sleepovers.  Tonight, I just want to make time stop for a while so I can hold all three of them just a little longer.  I can't, though, so instead I am going to try to purpose every day to treasure every moment - even the hard ones.  They are all three the greatest joys of my life...incredible blessings that I can't imagine being without.

Sometimes this homeschooling lifestyle seems overwhelming and I think that maybe it's time for them to go to school now...mostly for my own benefit.  In many ways, it would be easier for me to send them.  Days like today make me remember that I don't want to miss anything - and I certainly don't want to hand them over to a stranger for 8 hours everyday.  These are MY blessings....and I want to be the one with the memories of "the lightbulb going off" when they realize they can read or multiply.  I went to college, spent lots of time and money to be able to have that experience with kids....I sure don't want to miss it with my own.

Harrison is already counting and identifying some letters.  It's amazing to see him soak everything up as he sits at the table with us while I'm teaching the big boys.  I'm anxious to watch him learn and grow and see all that God has in store for him.

Here are a few (several, actually) of my favorite pictures of my littlest man....

The last picture of me pre-Harrison.  L&D couldn't have been easier.  If you have
horror stories about child birth - you probably don't want to hear mine.  

Jackson (5) and Carter (2 1/2) getting their first glimpse of baby brother.

And here he is....Harrison Lynn Widhalm

Loved by all, but especially Nana.

6 weeks, taken by Brandi Trosclair, of Lifes Portraits 

Tribute to the binky!

Big brothers are special!

"Did I tell you that I LOVE my big brother?"


Love that face!

Silver Dollar City

"I'm 2 now!"

Such a big helper!

"I just LOVE these guys!"

The cutest karate kid ever!

"I HATE my new sweater and I DON'T want to be here!
My mom made me do this....DON'T mess with me!"

"What!?  It's Carter's birthday and I don't get to blow out the candles??"

Three-wheelin' in the snow!

Waiting patiently to color Easter eggs.

My budding scientist

The ornery eyes...

"If Jackson's on the team, you get me, too."

It must be cool if Carter's doin' it!

"I love me some dirt!"

"It's so hard to be a fan of all these ball players.
At least the fans get to share the snacks after the game!"

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  1. Ok I sooo got a good chuckle on those pics. And I remember that Cmas crying at church, Jayden was right behind him and I kept thinking that poor little boy crying is soooo upset. LOL and we didn't even know each other then. Small world!