Monday, July 26, 2010

Please Pray.....

I just posted the post below and then checked my email to find a message from Erica.  I'm so glad I just posted that scripture, because I am really needing it now.

Geraldine has TB.  This is treatable in the States, but still very contagious and a serious disease.  Even here it takes many months and many different medications.  If it diagnosed early, the prognosis is good.  If not, it can be harder for the medication to work and the disease can attack other organs.  It can be fatal.

In Sierra Leone, it is very serious.  At this time, there is a shortage of TB medicine and they are rationing.  Erica and Tina are going to visit a private hospital tomorrow to see if there are meds available to treat her there.  If there are, then she'll move to that hospital.  If not, I'm not sure what the options might be.

TB is very contagious and I have no idea how long she has had it.  She sleeps in the same bed with her brother, and in a very small room with another baby and toddler as well as her caregivers.  Everyone will be tested.  Please pray that God has protected them and no one else is sick.  Pray that medication would be available to treat her, or better still that God would heal her!

She is such a precious baby...I would love to be there to hold her.  Thank God, though, that Cari and the other caregivers at The Covering are there to be with her at the hospital to make sure that her needs are met.  Pray for them too.  I  know it's exhausting to sit up 24 hrs a day with a sick baby.  A hospital stay here in the states is not comfortable or fun, but a hospital experience in Sierra Leone is completely different and a much bigger challenge.  Pray that God would give them energy, patience, grace and wisdom.  They are truly saving her life!

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  1. God is good, will put her on my prayer chain, when two or more people pray together God promised to answer prayer....