Thursday, July 29, 2010


Just wanted to let those of you who are praying know the latest updates from Sierra Leone....

1.  Geraldine is being admitted today to a private hospital that is primarly used for treating internationals and UN workers.  It is private and very expensive, but Erica says that it is much more comparable to an American hospital.  She spent some time there yesterday, apparently, and says that the nurses and doctors are wonderful with the kids and she feels Geraldine will get the medicine and care there that she needs.  Woo hoo!

2.  A doctor from the private hospital has agreed to come to the center and train the workers in the nursery at The Covering so that they have more information about how to give the babies the best care possible.  This will be a huge blessing both to the babies and the workers.  They are such SWEET ladies and so open to whatever knowledge and help you give.  They truly want to do the very best they can for all the kids - they love them very much.  Yea!

3.  Erica and Tina are signing new leases today on two buildings that are side by side.  They will have 6 classrooms instead of 2, 8 bathrooms instead of 2, rooms for visiting mission teams, space for pregnant teens, a separate space for babies and toddlers to play safely, and I'm sure more that I don't know.  I'm so excited!  They needed this SO very badly.  Praise God!  They are stepping out in faith, though, as we still need to raise several thousand more dollars by the end of August.  They've got "Faith Like Potatoes"!  (If you haven't seen that movie - it's a good one!)  Please pray that God will provide for His kids at The Covering!

God is SO good!  I know that this trip has been exhausting and hard for Erica and Tina both, but I'm confident that God has used them in ways they didn't even expect.  I'm so glad for the kids at The Covering - who got some extra love and attention this week and will have a new place to live soon, for the kids who are sick - they got medical help they deserve, for all the orphans of Sierra Leone - they have 2 very strong women who love them  and are advocating for them.  There is no telling what God is going to do through The Raining Season and The Covering, but watching it all happening and being able to be part of it is an amazing place to be!

It's such a happy day!  Thank you so much for all your prayers and encouragement!

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