Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Meet Bintu....



The picture above was taken the day that Bintu was brought to The Covering by her grandmother.  This is her intake story....

Bintu kamara was born on the 3rd  of October, 2003. She is almost 7  years old with six brothers and sisters. The father died in November 2006 in Kono. He was a laborer in the diamond mining area but later forced out of Kono in Sierra Leone by the rebels and went to the  neighboring country of Guinea were he and the wife stayed together in a refugee camp. It was during that time at the refugee camp they gave birth to Bintu.

The father started getting ill in the refugee camp and was later brought back to Kono for further treatment but it was too late and he passed away.

The mother who is a petty trader and also a gardener is unable to take care of her children. Bintu was brought to Freetown by one of her aunts who was looking for an orphanage to take care of Bintu. They showed up at our doorstep...This picture was taken of her right outside the gate...she had traveled all the

Here is a picture of what Bintu looks like today, after living at The Covering.  What a difference!

Unfortunately, Bintu is not fully sponsored.  For $20 a month, you could be one of the people who help make life at The Covering possible for her.  You'll receive pictures of her and updates every few months.  You'll be able to send her letters, small gifts and would even be able to talk to her via Skype or go visit her in person, if you choose!  She'll know that she has another family across the ocean who loves and cares for will make a HUGE impact in her life!  Please pray for  Bintu and be open-hearted about how God would use you to help meet her needs.   Leave me a comment or email me if you are interested in sponsoring her.


  1. you have a list of all the kids that still need sponsorship? if so...could you email me at We are still trying to figure out who we are going to sponsor, and I'd like to talk to you about it. I've been in contact with Erica and Kelly as well.

    Thanks! I look forward to hearing back from you:)

  2. Precious little girl- thanks for being her voice!