Monday, April 5, 2010

Living Radically For Christ

This is a sermon from David Platt at Brook Hills Church in Birmingham, Alabama.    This message so speaks to my heart at this point in our lives.  It begs the question of whether or not we REALLY believe the Bible and what it says.  If we do, then we need to align the way we live our lives with the words of Jesus.  If we cannot do that, and yet call ourselves Christians....are we really Christians?  I don't think so.

That said, I'm afraid this is the way I have lived my life for the mostpart.  I've been a Christian defined by how our society views Christianity.  Church on Sundays, volunteer, teacher, praise and worship leader.   But, what about the rest of the week?  Feed the poor?  Taking care of orphans?  Reaching the lost?    Not really.

Doug and I are praying about what the next step is in our journey with Christ.  There are several things that are a little up in the air right now.   If you think of us, please pray that we will be drawn closer and closer to the heart of God and that we will joyfully be able to sacrifice as He wills.

I encourage you to listen to this great sermon!  It is the beginning of a series, which I am looking forward to finishing.

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