Thursday, March 11, 2010

WAPF: acronym for Weston A Price Foundation

For several months, maybe even longer, I've heard from different people about the Weston A. Price diet.  I say diet, but it is not a short-term weight loss program.  This is truly a lifestyle choice, which is why I didn't just jump right on the bandwagon.  A true lifestyle shift is a hard one to make - a lot different than just losing weight with the going fad diet.  

One of the people I heard from was, in fact, my mom and sister's OB/Gyn.  They love and trust him with their lives and so he gave it some real credibility along with some very good friends of mine.  The people I know who are following this plan (to varying degrees, of course) are doing wonderfully and wouldn't go back to the modern diet at all.  After lots of reading and research, as well as talking to several people, Doug and I have decided to give it a go.

I expect weight loss will probably happen, but we are truly more interested in the long term health benefits of just living a healthier lifestyle.  I expect the boys to rebel for a while.  However, they do love their food plain-Jane and served without being mixed or touching other things.  The part they aren't going to like, of course, is the processed food being off the menu.  Hopefully, they'll adjust in a fair amount of time.

Basically, the WAP diet consists of eating the way our ancestors ate or eating the food God created and provided for us.  Whole foods, raw dairy products, pasture-fed animal products, soaked grains, nuts.  No processed stuff.

I'm posting a couple of videos I found on making sourdough bread from scratch.  I'm putting them here so that I'll remember where to find them. :-)  I'll be sure to post pictures of my efforts, since it will probably be quite amusing!

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  1. Hi Jodi, yes I am blog stalking you. Thought I should finally say hi!

    We have some friends back in KY who practice the WAP lifestyle and really like how they feel and what they are doing for the world. I will be interested to see how your journey goes!!

    I found this blog, and I believe she does the WAP diet too.

    Have a great day!