Sunday, March 14, 2010

Potty Training Round 1: Harrison Wins

I gathered all the supplies I could think of.  Things that would surely be an incentive for a bright, 2-yr old boy to learn to use the potty.  New Thomas scivies for my train lover,  Fruit Loops to use for target practice, M&Ms for rewards, red Gatorade for good hydration so we have lots of opportunities to practice.
I even counselled the big brothers on giving him lessons and told them THEY could play target practice and have M&Ms, too!

It was all for naught.

He definately loved the new train scivies, until I tried to put them on him.  Then, he cried.  WHAT?!!  "You don't want to wear the big boy train undies like Jackson?", I asked.  He stood up, crossed his arms firmly, put his chin down and gave me a stearn look and adimantly said, "NO!"  Hmm....I can do this.  He's only two years old and I am the mom here.  He finally agreed and put them on.

Next, I brought in what I was sure would be the best part of all.  Fruit Loops!  What little boy doesn't want to put colorful rings in the potty to try to pee on?  I'll tell you - his name is Harrison.  I put a handful of cereal in the toilet, and again he cried.  WHAT?!!  "This is fun!  It's a game!  You can pee pee on the cereal!"   Again, arms folded, chin down with glaring eyes, "No!  No weweal!".   He grabs the box, heads for the kitchen and tells me he wants a bowl and milk.  He's upset because he doesn't want to pee on it, he wants to eat it!  To the kitchen table we go, for an inpromptu bowl of Fruit Loops!

I have to say, however, that the Fruit Loops were a big hit with the big brothers.  They were thrilled to have a game of target practice and were even drinking a extra water in hopes of being able to hit as many as possible in one round.  Harrison, however, didn't even want to watch the brothers play the game!  I think he was mad that we were wasting his cereal.

The M&Ms didn't work, either.  He couldn't care less.

I gave up.  Round 1 is over and Harrison wins.  

He was so cute in those little undies, too.

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