Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Mohawk Boy

A week or so ago, Carter told me as we were on our way home, that he wanted a "cool and awesome" name.  I told him that I thought his name was cool and awesome.  After all, I was the one who gave it to him and I like it alot.  He wasn't impressed.

He said he waned a cool name like Jackson had, so he thought he'd just change his name to Jack.  Before we got home, he decided Little Jack was what he wanted.   I said I was happy if he was happy and we pulled into the driveway.  Before I could park the car he said, "Mom, you go inside and tell them about my new name.  I'll stay here in the van.  When you're done tellin 'em, you come back out and get me."  I guess when you have a new name, you deserve an introduction and a grand entrance.

So, I did.  It really was cute.  He walked in with a sheepish grin and waited for comments.  I don't think he got quite as many as he would've liked, but he was still happy.

Since then, he's changed the name again - twice actually.  For just a few days, he and Jackson both changed their names to shark names.  One of them was Bull Shark and the other was Tiger Shark.  For a while, Carter was Bull Shark Tiger Shark.  I guess he figured he'd take all the shark names and be even more "cool and awesome".  

Saturday, though, his name changed to Mohawk Boy.  This, after his haircut and a new faux-hawk.  He'd been talking about getting a mohawk for a few days and having a cool and awesome haircut to go with the new name(s).  He and the entourage (myself, Doug, Jackson, Harrison, Aunt Kate and Nana) joined him for the big occasion.  He loves getting his hair cut!  He nearly went to sleep, he was so relaxed while she was cutting away.

When all was said and done, he did indeed look very  "cool and awesome".  Since then, he's made a comment or two about Jackson and his dad having "handsome" haircuts....but his is "cool and awesome".  He has decided he's not into being handsome at all.  Dad and Jackson are handsome, but he would rather be....well, you know....."cool and awesome".   

I love this boy!

Mohawk  Boy

Mohawk Boy and Nana

Mohawk Boy still needs a rest

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  1. Darling boy and what a beautiful Mom you have, too!

    Just stopping by to thank you for visiting me on my SITS day last Friday.

    Keep enjoying life!

    Peace and serenity,
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    *This week is MS Awareness Week' -- feel free to stop by to see how MS affects people worldwide and what you can do. ::HUGS::