Tuesday, March 9, 2010

"It Was A War, Mommy!"

After a near sleepness night and a long day of errand running and a Pediatrician's appointment with a sick 2-year old, Jackson and Carter were wound up like an 8-day clock last night!  Harrison was so cranky and felt terrible, especially after we had to  hold him down to administer those blasted eye drops, that he even got a special trip to McD's for "wens wise".

About 8:00, Doug took Harrison to bed and I put Jackson and Carter in the bathtub.  They were being ROWDY!  I had to tell them I don't know how many times to calm down and be quiet so Harrison could go to sleep.

When I went in to get them out of the tub, the entire bathroom floor had been flooded and there was wet toilet paper stuck to the walls, the counter, the toilet and in the tub.  I nearly had a meltdown.  Carter was out of the bathtub, standing by the toilet with one hand on the toilet paper roll.  When I walked in, he looked up at me with sparkly blue eyes, a big smile and announed, "It was a war, Mommy!"  He was more excited about the bathroom war than he was on Christmas morning!

Jackson, being a little older and a little wiser stayed in the bathtub, tried not to make eye contact with me, and did not say a word.  He wasn't innocent...just smarter about getting caught.  What he doesn't know, is that no matter what they've done, those sparkling eyes and beautiful smiles get me almost every time.  It's hard to be mad at the soldiers when they are so happy!

That said, I was not nearly as excited as Carter was about the battle that had taken place.   I sent Jackson to get his jammies on while Carter got toilet paper off the walls and commode, then they traded and Jackson cleaned up the rest of the mess while Carter got ready for bed.  I was so tired, I can't even remember what happened after that.  I'm sure "night snacks" were involved along with prayers and back scratching before everyone nodded off.

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