Thursday, March 4, 2010

Will You Die In Your Religion Or Die In Your Devotion?

This evening, I listened to a sermon by David Platt and he posed the question, "Will you die in your religion or die in your devotion?"  It was a great message and I would encourage you to watch/listen when you have time.

As I thought about that question, though, I realized that I have lived the vast majority of my Christian walk in this Americanized verson of Christianity.  I grew up in an Assembly of God church.  I was "saved" when I was a young child and baptized as a young elementary student.  I was in church every time the doors were open, memorized all my Sunday School scripture, started singing in front of the congregation when I was about 8 and was even part of the praise and worship band as a young teenager.

I *loved* music and praise and worship!  Still do, actually.  I loved going to church and being with my church family.  As an adult, I continued to help lead praise and worship, taught classes and organized all sorts of child-related activities and events.  My life has been centered around my church for as long as I can remember.

None of those things are bad.  In fact, they are great things.  However, if I continued to live life as I have lived it the majority of my lifetime, I would indeed "die in my religion."  I've been 100% guilty of being selfish and self-absorbed.  The truth is, my life is NOT my own.  You see, I believe with all of my heart that God has work for each of us to do for the good of His Kingdom, myself included.

I have work to do.  He has a plan for my life - a plan that will have an impact on eternity - and I want to be 100% devoted to that plan.  At this moment, I have absolutely no idea where that will lead us.  What I do know is that God is leading Doug and I to Africa and her beautiful, orphaned children.  And, I know that we are in the center of His will and in the palm of His hand!

Honestly, we have talked about all sorts of possibilities.  Missionary work, adoption,'s all on the table.  I don't have all the answers, but I'm happier and more content than I have ever been in my life.  For now it's a place of peace and yet excitement - because this isn't my life anymore - it's God's.   I don't expect it to be an easy journey, but I know that He will not take me anywhere that He won't provide for me.  I've sung an old song a hundred times that says, "Where He leads me I will follow.  I'll go with Him, with Him, all the way."  Well, here we go!

What's your answer?  Will you die in your religion or die in your devotion?

This is the link to the sermon.  You have to scroll down and click on the  David Platt message.  It's about 35 minutes long.

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