Saturday, February 20, 2010

I'm in a hospital with my Grandma this morning, posting from my Blackberry. It was my turn to take the 3rd shift and spend the night so my aunt could get some rest at home. Grandma had her knee replaced on Wednesday, so I left Jackson and Harrison at home to come help out for a few days. Carter came with me and has truly been an angel since we got here.

Grandma is doing great! She is so funny! I went with her to therapy yesterday afternoon. She turned around and saw herself in a mirror and belted out, "You look just like my grandma. Has anyone ever told you that?". I laughed so hard I bout peed my pants. I'm so blessed to have her!

We've had some time to have several "heart to hearts" since we've been stuck in this hospital room together. When she first found out about my trip tp Africa a few weeks ago, she was not very understanding. God is working, though, and yesterday we talked a lot and both cried over a blog post at Save The Orphan. I told her and my Aunt both that I wasn't sure where this journey would lead us. Doug and I want to be very ointentional about living out our faith and going where God calls us. I've been really concerned about how my family would handle that when it might mean lots of changes for them, too. I think now it will all be ok. God is already at work changing hearts and opening eyes...answering my prayers.

Grandma will move to rehab today and I'll head back home to return to my mommy duties and the blog world - I've missed them both!

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