Tuesday, January 5, 2010

We're Steppin' Out!

This has been an exciting week!  Through hours of reading and research over a period of several months, Doug & I have become very aware of the world orphan crisis.  One blog led to another...and another...and another (you get the picture, right?).  I've read about so many different organizations and ministries that I can't even remember them all.  I've read books and lots of scripture.  We've heard sermons that have seemed written just for us and prayed fervantly that the He would be in control of our family and our lives. 

Most of all, we just want to do what God wants us to do, no matter what that is!

Through a series of sermons, blog posts and conversations, we came in contact with an organization called The Raining Season, which operates in Sierra Leone. This past September, they opened an orphanage called The Covering, where they are rescuing beautiful children from circumstances beyond my imagination.

These are the twins, Jina and Sao, with their father and 2 siblings the day he brought them to The Covering.

Just a week or two ago, they received a group of 4 siblings when their father brought them in because he couldn't care for them anymore.  His wife passed away just after the twins were born because there was no medical clinic available when she began to bleed excessively.  You can read about them on their blog, Save The Orphan

These are the twins, Jinah and Sao, just 2 months old.

After much prayer and conversation, Doug & I both feel the time to do something is now.  It is not enough to know and understand the issues of orphans and yet do nothing.  In fact, that would be incredibly selfish and even sinful.

We have committed to sponsor the twins and we are planning to make a trip to Sierra Leone in May to visit the orphanage and help in whatever way we can.  We will be taking supplies and things the kids needs as well as being general laborers and loving on kids.

All of this gives YOU an OPPORTUNITY to be a blessing to these kids, too!  The trip will cost in the neighborhood of $3,500.  I'm sure we'll be doing a few fundraising activities between now than then that I'll be letting you know about.  I'll also be collecting supplies and things to take to the kids.  When I know what, specifically, those things are I'll post it here.  

Please pray for the twins, as they are very sick due to malnutrition.  As of today, they are back in the hospital.  Pray that God would restore their bodies and give them fighting spirits.  They are His daughters, created for a purpose!  

My intent is to begin posting much more frequently than I have in the past couple of months.  My goal is to post 3-4 times a week with information about Sierra Leone, the twins, our upcoming mission trip and whatever else is going on around here.   Please help us spread the word!  

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