Monday, December 21, 2009

The Adventures of Doug & Jodi: Houseguests

I mentioned in my earlier post, that Doug and I have stepped out in faith over the last year.  I thought I would give you some of the details and give God the credit for all He's done (at least the parts that come to mind at the moment).

Doug and I had prayed about a friend of ours and her kids for a while.  She is single, disabled and has 4 kiddos.  She doesn't have any family - no parents or siblings, or even aunts and uncles.  Needless to say, in many ways, she does not have an easy life. 

We came to a point that we felt led to open our home to she and kids.  We didn't feel it was appropriate to put a time limit on the situation, although we were apprehensive about what it would mean to have 3 adults and 7 kids living under one roof.  We were also unsure about the expenses we might incur having the additional load on utilities and groceries.  No one really understood WHY we were moving another family in the house, but we knew that we felt it was what God wanted and that, even we it wasn't and we were making a mistake, He would take care of us.

Boy!  What an experience it has been!  They moved in the weekend before Halloween and God did, indeed, provide!  He provided space, funds, and even patience!  We did have a few "bumps" in the road which were not easy, but we managed and even did better than we had hoped.  All the kids learned how to get along and the adults managed to do the same. 

We had been in prayer about her housing situation and prayed that God would provide an opportunity.  We got a call a little over a week ago that was unexpected and everything has worked out wonderfully!  She was able to move out of the house early last week into a situation that is just what she NEEDED in order for nice, permanent housing to be an option a few weeks down the road. 


Without giving away all the details (because they really aren't my details to share) - He took care of the details, even when we didn't know there were details to be taken care of!!

It's a great feeling to know you are doing what God has called you to do!  It's a thrilling ride to see events unfold and things taken care of - especially when you have NO idea how it is all going to happen!  It's like living life on an amusement ride!  What a thrill!

This is how I hope we are able to live out our lives!  I'm praying for more opportunities to serve and to fulfill the purposes He has for our lives!

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