Friday, January 8, 2010

I'm Less Than A Speck!

I first saw this video when I was reading a book by Francis Chan called Crazy Love.  It really put in perspective for me just how amazing our Creator is!  I am less than a speck in the vastness of all that exists.  If God created ALL of this....and yet He loves me SO much, then all of my troubles and worries are nothing.  My God created what you see on this video and He loves me and wants the best for me.  

Why do I worry about things that are so frivolous?  Even the events or circumstances in my life that seem insurmountable are nothing in the hands of my Creator!  Praise God!  

Do I have lots going on?  Yes.
Are there things that need to happen in order for me to go to Africa?  Yes
Are there millions of orphans all over the world?  Yes
Will He take care of it all?  YES!

If you haven't read Crazy Love, you really should!  It will rock your world.

I'm so thankful today, for a God who is creative and who has ME in the palm of HIS hand!  Isn't it amazing?!

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  1. Hi Jodi,

    My name is Mandy, I saw your post on the Mayernicks blog (Josie Love's family), I am Mike's sister, Suzanne's sister-in-law. I hope you don't mind, but I just wanted to post a little encouragement for you in response to your expressed fear and sheer overwhelmedness (is that a word?) at what you feel God calling you to. It is good. It is good to be in that place where you feel so little and unable. My husband and I just got back from India where we brought our Mia home ( and she makes number four for us. There were certainly parts of our journey that we were in and of ourselves just completely overwhelmed by and in our own strength completely incapable of. God once spoke to me and said, "How can you KNOW me as peace unless you first know turmoil? How can you KNOW me as strength unless at first you know the depths of your own weakness?" Our journeys are not just about doing what He calls us to DO, but getting to know Him more deeply so that there can be a fuller expression of Himself to and through us in this world. It is an exciting, exhausting, trying and yet amazing path God has you on! I am excited to see all that He will do in you all and on your behalf! Blessings on your journey!