Friday, September 2, 2011

"It's Morning Time, Mommy."

Harrison is growing so fast.  He is my last baby and I wish so much that I could wrap his brown as an Indian, cute-as-a-bug self up in my arms and make time stand still.  I know these moments are fleeting and that the next time I turn around, he will be not so easy to pick up and squeeze like I do now.

He's a very independent li'l guy and wants nothing more than to be just like the big brothers he idolizes.  Unlike the big brothers, though, he usually cries for his daddy at night time.  Doug faithfully goes into their bedroom at bedtime and lays down with him until he falls asleep.

Still, very few nights pass that he doesn't stir in his sleep, wake up, and stumble through the darkness across the hall into our room.  Even then, he is his daddy's boy.  Doug probably has a permanent indention in his arm, where Harrison sleeps night after night for the past four years.

In the early morning as the sun and his daddy rise, he crawls across rumpled sheets to snuggle up tight with his momma.  And it makes my heart smile.  His soft, chubby arms wrap themselves around my neck and he scoots as close as he can get.  He usually puts his little nose right up to mine and sometimes even shares his kisses with me before he rolls over the other direction and wraps my arm around his tummy and holds my hand just where he wants it.

He drifts back to sleep and typically enjoys another hour or so of snoozing soundly before he turns my direction again, flutters his eyes open as he grins and says, "It's morning time, Mommy".  I need to record that voice.  I wish I could record it in that very moment.  It's soft and sweet and just precious.

The next fifteen minutes or so pass with lots of hugs and kissess, "I love you's", and giggles.  We talk about what we'll eat for breakfast, all the fun things we will do today, what daddy might be doing at the office...or anything other little thing that comes to his mind.  These moments, these gifts with him are so special.  I'm not sure when he'll decide that he can sleep all night in his own bed.  And I don't care.  I love these moments...and I don't want them to end.  

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