Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Countdown to Sierra Leone: 7 Days!

Well, we are down to only a week until our departure and we are just SO excited! 

Our flights have been rerouted, which has been a huge blessing.  With the airline change, we have one more flight change, which I'm actually happy about since it will give us time to walk around again before we head across the Atlantic.  We also get to take more luggage with us, which is just great!  We were having a problem with the weight of the peanut butter and getting the other supplies in the bags that we needed to take.  Praise God that He knew and took care of those details for us!

This past week has been busy.  We left home last weekend to see Doug's parents and I decided to stay at my sister's house with kids.  Doug is coming back to get us tomorrow.  We've still got some packing and organizing to do before we go.

We are very excited to be going, but Doug and I have never left the boys like this before.  Please pray for all of us.  Harrison seems to be getting sick, which is not a good thing.  He will struggle the most while we are gone.  If he is sick, mommy being away will make it even worse - for him and for my sister.  You can also pray for Kate, my sister.  She is going to be staying with the boys and her hands will be full with my three and AnnaJo, too.  Pray that God will give us all the peace we need to relax and enjoy this time, even though we will be separated. 

Thanks so much to those of you who have helped provide peanut butter and prayed with us to this point.  I appreciate your encouragement and prayers more than you know.  You are such a blessing!

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