Friday, July 16, 2010

Puppy Video

This is a video I made last night of several different clips and photos of our puppies over the last few weeks.  We've had a great time raising them!  They are 10 weeks old now, though, and ready for their new homes. 

Australian Labradoodles were originally bred by Wally Conran, in Australia, back in the 80's.  He was a breeder of labrador retrievers  that were used for service work.  He received a request from a couple in Hawaii whose wife needed a service dog but the husband was allergic to dogs.  They needed something that would fit both their needs.   His first attempt was a Standard Poodle, but it wasn't a match.  After that, he started crossing the Poodle with the Labrador.  It took him a couple of years and a few generations of puppies to find one that worked, but he was finally successful.  In order to test before he actually trained and sent a dog to Hawaii, he sent many dander and saliva samples to be tested.  From that point, the breed was further developed and top quality lines of Spaniel were added to get a specific type of coat.  All of this work was done in Australia.

The multi-gen Australian Labradoodle is the Doodle that began the Doodle craze across the globe.  They are EXCELLENT animals that are smart and easily trained.  Liza, our female, is from a line of dogs trained for therapy work.  I've been wanting to take this up with her, as well, but haven't found time to do it yet.  She could also be trained to do agility trials - she's very athletic.   She was potty trained in about 3 days and hasn't had an accident in the house since then.  She so smart that sometimes I think she  understands us when we are talking.  Seriously.  Other Aussie Doodle characteristics are:
  • Non-shedding/hypo-allergenic coats
  • Wonderful for asthmatic owners (our Carter is an asthma kiddo)
  • GREAT with kids and other pets
  • Easily trained
  • Eager to please

These are not just any ol' labradoodle.  Be careful if you are in the market for a Doodle.  They are not all equal.  Any "breeder"/"puppy miller" can cross a lab and a poodle and call it a labradoodle.  You will be sorely disappointed if you mistakenly ended up with one of these.  Be sure that you are looking at multi-gen Aussie puppies from quality lines.

We've decided not to have any more puppies after these are placed, for a couple of reasons.  Primarily, because we feel we want to be free to do as much mission work as possible.  It's hard to travel when their is a litter of puppies at home.  We were hoping puppy sales would help fund our mission work, but we continue to have more and more travel opportunities arise and want to be able to go whenever God leads.  The economy has also made it more difficult to place these gorgeous babies.  The going rate for an Aussie Doodle is $2500.  The larger breeders say they are still getting that price, but we haven't had any takers, and we honestly feel that our puppies are being raised in a better environment than a large breeder.   All this means we are very negotiable in the price we are willing to take and it is to our buyers' benefit!  It's really is a great opportunity for someone to get a high quality pet at a great price.  Let us know if you have any questions.

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