Friday, July 23, 2010

Puppies: 11 Weeks

The puppies are doing really great and are growing fast!  We have only two more who are able to go to new homes, Belle and Arial.  The rest have been placed with wonderful new families, who are excited to have them.

Lucy is going to the Chicago area and will be trained to work with Alzheimer's patients as a therapy dog.  Lady went to a great home in West Plains, MO, where she has two very happy young boys to play with.  Moose found a home with a young couple here in Springfield and has already taken his first long car ride with his new owners, to Memphis.  Princess is staying in the family, with my little brother, and we are keeping Buster for our own boys.

Belle and Arial are both great puppies!  They are not the last to be picked because there is something wrong.  We honestly didn't have one puppy in the litter that was not a great pick.  Unfortunately, though,  someone has to be first and someone has to be last.  Here are a few pictures of Belle and Arial.  You can also see them at various stages by following the other links on our website.

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