Friday, March 19, 2010

Home-Made Mayo & Ranch Dressing

Well, it's gonna be a full day here at our house.  I've already stirred up two loaves of bread that are rising and I've got my seeds and potting mix out to plant this afternoon.  I just found this video that is a recipe for homemade mayo, which I've been thinking about since we just started our traditional diet/lifestyle.  

As we all know, all these processed foods are killing us.  We are eating, usually overeating, getting more calories than necessary but not enough nutrition.  All the processing of food takes away the nutritional value and the very essence of why we need to eat it in the first place.  We are effectively starving our bodies, all the while they are becoming more and more obese.  

So, here at our house we've decided to get rid of the processed stuff and start eating like our ancestors did.  We've found that the Weston A Price diet is serving us well in that manner.  However, we are modern Americans, and so letting go of the processed things we've grown up on is a little overwhelming at times.  Ranch dressing was one of the things I wasn't sure how to make on my own and I knew it would be hard for us to give up.  Thankfully, now we aren't going to have to.  

This recipe if for mayo, but she adds on the key to ranch dressing at the end of the video.  I will definately give this one a try and wanted to post it here so I could access it quick and easy.

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  1. Mayonnaise is one of the few things I am naturally good at making. (And I found your blog through October Farm, by the way).