Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Falida Nasazi

I've posted information about Amazima Ministries before.  If you don't know about Katie and her wonderful ministry, please click on the button on the right and take some time to learn what one person can do when they are walking according to God's plan.  It's truly amazing.

Doug and I began researching and reading about Africa and world orphans several months ago.  We found Katie and Amazima Ministries during that time.  We decided to begin supporting the ministry in order to pitch in and help Katie's effort in Uganda.

A few days ago, we received a picture drawn by an 11-year old girl named Falida Nasazi.   Wow.  I was speechless.  I proceeded to read the report that was sent with the picture to find out that Falida is living with her grandmother in a mud hut.  She is blessed to have a tin roof.  The nearest water source is 2 km away and her family's main source of income is digging for food.  She is healthy, her favorite school subject is English and she enjoys washing dishes and cleaning her home.

What a perfect time to receive such a great reminder of just how blessed we are!

Honestly, I have had moments lately of really wishing we were in a better financial position so that the kids could have a REALLY wonderful Christmas.  There are so many things I'd love to be able to give them.  Thank God, that He knows just how to put my perspective back in order!

We are SO blessed!  I cannot imagine digging for my food or not having decent clothing for the kids to wear.  I SURE can't fathom living in a mud hut with little to no possessions or relying on strangers across the globe to provide food and education for my children.   However, that is reality for so many of God's precious children.  People He loves just as much as He loves me.  People who were created in His image, just as I was.

We were able to give one child food and education, including school uniforms and supplies for an entire year.  It cost us so little.  It wasn't really even a sacrifice.  Only by the grace of God, am I in these circumstances.  It only makes sense to me that I have been blessed in order that I might bless others.   One isn't enough, so we will pray and continue to seek  God's will for our lives and what He has for us to do.

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  1. Thanks so much for commenting on my blog! How God is using Katie is truly amazing! That is so neat that you and your husband support her and so cool to get a picture drawn by the child you are supporting. Wow! I bet that was neat to open that up! Generations has been great so far! Heather is the agent you will talk to about Uganda. I look forward to following your journey too! Blessings to you!