Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sunday at The Covering

One of the things I was most looking forward to on our trip, was being in church with the kids at The Covering.  Watching them pray and worship is an experience I cannot describe to you in words.  This group of children pray with emotion I've never witnessed and worship their God with abandon.  It's absolutely beautiful..and humbling...and such an incredible example of the way we SHOULD worship.

We were so blessed by the beautiful music (accompanied only by about 3 boys drumming and the entire crowed clapping - no keyboard, strings, horns or choirs needed) and powerful message.  Pastor Daniel is an amazing pastor that I'd be happy to sit under every week.  He's an amazing man of God who does not beat around the bush or make things "pretty" - even for the children.  He tells them straight up the way the Bible lays it out.

Several of them were baptized a few weeks ago.  One of the points he made was that now that they had made a commitment to Christ, it was their responsibility to begin to minister to others.  No excuses.  If you have the luxury of Christ and eternity in heaven - you also have a responsibility.  Period.   Whether you are 9 or 90.  You have Kingdom work to do.

I love that he is not playing games with them or entertaining them.  It would be so easy to do.  In many ways, it's what we do here in America.  He's training them to be soldiers in the army of God.  It's serious business.  He even called one little guy out who was misbehaving and told him that he would not be able to participate in communion because his heart was not in good standing with his brother.  Pastor  Daniel rocks!  He's an amazing vessel being used by God in the lives of many, many people.  I'm so blessed we were able to spend some time with him this week.

The service was extra special Sunday, because the children who were baptized were being served their first communion.   I didn't take pictures, because I didn't want to be disrespectful, but I wish I could show you the two lines of kids lined up holding their bread and "wine".  It was just beautiful.  Being there with them for such a special time in their spiritual lives was such a blessing.

Many, if not most, of these children were living in Muslim homes not much more than a year ago.  The Raining Season has not only rescued them from homes that were not healthy or the lack of a home...but they're being rescued from an eternity without God.   It's just incredible to see God working and how the lives of these children are being transformed.  In fact, it's not only the lives of these children, but also the lives and hearts of many caregivers, staff and even American sponsors and travelers who are being changed from the inside out.  I'm so glad we are part of it!

I didn't take pictures of the service, but I did snap a few shots of the kids before and after.  They were all dressed up and looking pretty.  We tried to look as good as we could...but my hair and makeup wilted before I ever even walked in the door.

Sunday evening we were blessed to be able to go to an international service for people who are serving in various capacities in Sierra Leone.  Some were missionaries and some worked for non-profit organizations.  We met one young lady who is living very near Kroo Bay and working there each day serving that community by administering basic first aid.  Another is working for an organization that sends her out to various places to work doing OT and PT with handicapped children.  It was a great experience to meet different people from all over the world who are giving of themselves and serving in different ways.

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  1. Sounds AMAZING!!! Love to see that God is moving and bringing HIS CHILDREN to HIMSELF!