Saturday, April 2, 2011

By Air, Land and Sea!

Well, we got here safe & sound and had a great time all along the way.  We left home about 11:30 a.m. on Thursday morning.  Jackson was at school, but Carter & Harrison were at our house with my sister.  Carter was sad when we left, but there were no tears.  I was thankful for that, although when we got in car and I looked to my left, Doug was the one about ready to turn the teary faucet on.  Thankfully, the drive to the airport what a short one.

After a stop in Chicago, we were headed to Washington.  I was concerned for Doug on the overseas flight, but we were SO blessed!  We lucked out and got seats in the first row, so we all had extra leg room and a fairly comfortable place to sleep for the night on the plane.  10 hours and 45 minutes later, we landed in Accra, Ghana.   None of us had been in the Accra airport before, and we were pleasantly surprised at how nice it was.  There was a wonderful airport employee who took great care of us, got our boarding passes for our next flight and made sure we were taken care of.  By the time we got to Accra, Tiffany and I were nearly jumping for joy and counting down the minutes until touchdown in Freetown.   :)

We came in contact with a very interesting group of  Chinese people in Accra.  There were about 15 men in suits wearing NEON pink, blue and yellow baseball caps.  It was a hilarious sight to see! They provided us great entertainment. lol

After a smooth flight into Freetown, we had an experience with a ferry boat that I truly cannot describe well enough with words.  The water was rough and we had to board a water taxi by walking across the flimsiest dock I've ever seen.  The wooden slats seemed to be just a few inches on top of the water and were riding the good-sized waves in a way that made it hard to stand up and walk.   We could only walk across one at a time and had to hold on for dear life to the man who was escorting us.  Poor Rich nearly lost it and ended up in the water. 

The real site was the Chinese men with the "colorful caps". LOL  They were COMPLETELY overwhelmed with the water taxi.  The walk on the dock must've caused a couple of them to be motion sick, because they just got sat down when they pulled out their barf bags and started using them.  The four American on the boat (us) were busting a gut laughing at the entire situation.  It was absoluetly hilarious!

When we arrived at the other side of the bay, yet another Chinese guy bit the dust.  We were sitting at an oudoor waiting area, when to locals came carrying the poor Chinese dude up the ramp.  He instructed them to lay him down on a table where he proceeded to flail around and looked like he could hyperventilate at any moment.  There were five locals rubbing his hands, feet, head and one lady standing on the table top fanning him and pooring cold water all over him.  It was quite a sight. 

Eventually, we made our way to the guest house and met the single moms and their kiddos.  Marie stayed late to make sure we had a good meal to eat  before we went to bed....spaghetti, chicken, french fries and chocolate cake!  It was yummy!  We were thankful to be off the plane, off the boat and on dry land. :) 

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