Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Urgent Prayer Request

Hello Everyone-

Please help me pray for the twins we sponsor at The Covering in Sierra Leone.  I haven't really blogged about much of the details with our sponsorship and how it came about, but this is the story in a nutshell.....

For those of you who don't know, God really began speaking to my heart over a year ago about Africa and the many children there who are dying from preventable diseases like malnurishment and malaria. Then started speaking to my heart about twins. It sounded so crazy I never even told anyone, but he was putting twins on my heart last November/December.

Through an odd set of "coincidences" I came across Tiffany Johnson's blog. Someone I had never met...didn't know at all. Well, I sure can't say that now! I know her pretty well, even it's only been 7 months since we first met. Through Tiff's blog, I found The Raining Season. When I clicked on the link, the first think I saw was a picture of the twins and their siblings who had just come to live at The Covering.   Click here to see what I saw that day.

My heart leapt and I knew that I had found the place I was supposed to be. I couldn't believe it! We decided right away to sponsor all 4 siblings and thus began our relationship with TRS. We didn't know then a whole lot about TRS, but we knew that God brought brought them to us and decided just to follow Him and trust that He would take care of it all. After spending a week at The Covering, I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that these children are mine to take care of as best I can, whether that is by adoption or just supporting them at The Covering. And here's where I need your prayers.....

Erica called me this morning and wanted to speak to me about the twins. She had to leave a message, but I knew it wasn't good if she was calling me. I knew when we were there that they were very sick and not doing well. Those of us who travelled, know what the available medical care is like.

I was hoping that after Cari arrived in SL and they had seen the "good doctor", that they would improve. That just isn't happening. In fact, both the babies are in the hospital now. Gerald is so malnurished, his bones so brittle that he has broken a foot. Geraldine is running a fever (again) and although, thankfully, Cari has taken her to a Mercy Ship to be evaluated...it does not look good. They have referred her to the very same children's hospital we visited on our trip. I am so heartsick for her, I can hardly stand it. The thought of the babies being in those horrible conditions is just almost unbearable.

Erica and Tina are leaving on Thursday to go back to SL. After they get there, they are going to see about getting the twins medical visas to come to the States for medical care. We are all afraid of what the outcome might be if they don't find a medical professional who knows how to help them.  I am hoping and praying that I can find someone fairly close to Springfield who will treat them so that they can stay with us.

Please, Please pray with me that God will move mountains in the Embassy while Tina and Erica are there! Pray that we will find a doctor and hosptial willing to take care of them here. Pray that God would take care of all the details...and that He would protect and heal those babies!

Please also spread the word and ask any of your TRS-related or prayer warrior friends to join us! I will keep you posted as I know more. You can keep up with me on FB or just follow here.

Thank you SO much!!

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  1. Oh, Jodi...this breaks my heart. I will be praying, and I will link this post from my blog. I'm not on FB, but I will be following here.

    Just know those sweet babies are in the hands of their Maker...the One who knew them even before they were born.

    Praying with you...kelli