Friday, July 9, 2010

St. Jude's Backed Out

My previous post was about a little boy names Suwaju, who has recently been diagnosed with cancer.  You can read the first post below.

The update at this time is that St. Jude's has backed out of their agreement to treat him.  TRS and its supporters are currently looking for a facility that will agree to take his case.  Without an agreement from a hospital, he will not be granted a visa.  If you have any contacts with any oncologists, especially pediatric ones, please email me.  We are working hard to try to find a medical facility first, as well as a family that would be in the area of said facility to open their home to him through the duration of his treatment.

I can't tell you exactly what God's will is for Suwaju's life, but please pray for him.  He will need strength, courage and God's grace to see him through...whatever the outcome of this situation is.

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