Thursday, June 3, 2010

Sierra Leone: The Beach

After being at the children's hospital and refugee camp on Thursday, we took a break on Friday and headed to the beach with 80 kids!  TRS rented a huge charter bus and brought all the kids and caregivers to a beautiful beach to enjoy the day.

It was such a great day!  We got rained on for a little while early in the day, but it was actually a huge blessing.  The rain and cloudy skies cooled things off and it was wonderful.  Warm enough for the kids to play in the water and enjoy the sunshine, but cool enough too be comfortable.

The beach at River No. 2 was beautiful.  White sand, cute adorondack chairs and tables painted bright blue and red and grass huts to get in out of the rain.  There was a restaurant there, where our team had a lunch of lobster, rice and mango...all served up in a larger pavillion just off to one side of the area where the kids were playing.  It was gorgeous and a another day I probably won't ever forget.

The kids had a wonderful time just getting to relax, play around and be "normal" kids.  They all have different stories, but they have all been through so much and lost so much...their family and their childhoods.  It was a great blessing to see them running in wide open spaces, splashing and playing in the water and just loving life!

Playing football in the rain

Caps to protect their braids from the water

Sweet girls

Lunch - the lobsters were really giant crawdads, but still good!

Happy face!

Betty, isn't she beautiful!

Splashing and havin' fun!

Too funny!!

Zainab....a cutie patootie!

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