Friday, May 21, 2010

We've been here now 3 full days and there is so much to tell.  The internet connection is still not reliable, although we are able to get online (obviously) from time to time. 

Right off the bat, we has problems with our lodging arrangements.  The hotel we had booked did not have any internet service and not enough rooms (even though we booked them all months ahead of time).  So, we were forced to find another place.  Unfortunately,we had already carried in our 32 huge bags of luggage which are carrying supplies for the orphanage.

God did provide, though, in the form of a hotel under construction.  It was actually a 4-star resort before it was attacked during the war.  They lost three lives here before the US Marines came to rescue them.  Sometime after that, the UN moved in and set up their offices here.  They just left this past November 

The building is under construction and isn't anywhere near being finished.  The lobby is completely empty and even the ceiling isn't complete.  You can definately tell, though, that it was once a gorgeous place and I'm sure it will be again.  It isn't open to the public, but someone from our organization thought they'd make contact with the managers to see if we could stay here.

They let us come and we are occupying 7 or 8 rooms that look like our hotel rooms at home.  Well, we have no hot water and no TV, but we do have AC and that is all that matters.  After the first night we were here, the price was just too high for us to stay and we were having to try and find someplace else.    The problem with that was that there is a convention in town and we couldn't find any rooms.

However, in a meeting that morning we prayed for God to provide provision and later that morning, the owner arrived who is from Texas and agreed to give us these rooms at the price we were going to pay for the first hotel!  Praise God!  We ended up with a better place for the same rate. 

I'll post pictures when I get home.  The connection isn't good enough to load pictures in a decent amount of time. 

The people here are remarkable.  They are kind-hearted, resilient and beautiful.  The kids at The Covering are amazing!  There is lots more to tell, but I am going to save all the stories for separate posts.  It's just too much to post all at once.

More to come soon!

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