Sunday, May 16, 2010

Today's The Day!

It's almost 2:00 a.m. and I am downloading iTunes for the plane trip.   Praise and worship music is my strength when I have nothing else.  Music is my "soul food" and I thought it was really imperative that I not leave home without it.   Besides, I'm trying to stay up as long as I can so that I will be able to sleep on the plane at 6:00-ish, after we leave Chicago.  Hopefully, with a few hours sleep lost tonight and maybe a Tylenol PM, it will work.

The bags have been packed and re-packed.  Dad showed up about an hour ago ( hour ago) so that he could be here in the morning to go to the airport with us.  I've fielded phone calls from friends and relatives all wishing me a good time and offering their prayers for me help for Doug if he is in need.  What a blessing!

Doug is taking off work for two weeks so he can be here with the boys and so that I'll have a few days to rest when I get back.  I couldn't ask for anything more.  How incredible is that!?  The boys seem ok that I am leaving, although I'm not quite sure they really understand how far Africa is or how long I'll be gone.   I've been really worried about leaving them, but I'm feeling better.  They'll have a wonderful time with their Daddy.

The plan is that we'll arrive in Freetown on Tuesday evening.  Hopefully, we'll have internet access and I'll be able to post a quick note to let everyone know we arrived safely.  On Wednesday, we'll get up and head to The Covering, where we will be greeted by the kids, who have prepared a 'welcome ceremony' for us.  Should be fun!   If all goes well, there will be pictures and maybe even a video for you to see by Wednesday evening.

Thanks for all your prayers!!  Keep 'em coming!

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