Saturday, May 15, 2010

Getting Ready To Go

We are all up this morning cleaning house, making notes about what to do while mommy is gone and making last minute grocery/supply shopping lists.  The puppies are growing so fast and we think they are getting ready to open their eyes.  I hope I see some eyes before I leave!

I'm trying to get gifts put together for the kids we are sponsoring.  They are a sibling group of four...a set of twins (Jinnah and Sao) that are about 6 months old, a 3 yr old girl (Mamie) and a 5 yr old boy (Muhammed).  I'm taking each of the bigger kids a photo album with pictures us and pictures/notes that the boys are going to make for them.  Hot Wheels for Muhammed and a baby doll for Mamie.  I'm hoping to pick up a couple small blankies for the babies.

We are going to spend some time together this afternoon making handprint flowers on muslin.  I'm going to take it with me, do the same thing with our sponsor kids there and bring it back to frame.  It will have all our handprints on it and hopefully be a sweet reminder for all of us that "Love Grows All Over The World".   I hope it turns out.

The bags are all packed, except just a few things I still need to pick up.  I think we are all ready...or as ready as we are going to be.   I'm looking forward to reading some good books on the plane.  I have Hole in our Gospel by ??? and Radical by David Platt.

Please keep praying!

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