Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Doctors and Drama

We are down to about 4 days now until we leave, and I am SO sick.  I can't believe it.  I've been healthy most all winter and not even any allergy problems this spring.  Of all times..I get sick now.

**Rewind***  About two weeks ago, I called my primary care doc thinking that she'd call in a script for the meds I need to prevent malaria while I'm in Africa.  Nope.  Wouldn't do it.  I told the nurse what I needed and when I was leaving.  She called back saying that they would not give me malaria meds until I came in for a *yearly* exam - and they couldn't fit me in for that until May 11, which was yesterday, at 2:15.  I knew that there are only a couple different types of malaria meds and the ones I preferred to have needed to be started fairly quickly.  I didn't say anything, though, and let them schedule me for my check-up.

This past Sunday, I started getting sick and have gotten progressively worse.  I knew it was just a sinus infection and I would probably need antibiotics, so I waited for my already scheduled appointment, thinking we could take care of it then.

Yesterday, I showed up for my appointment and I was about 7-8 minutes late.  When I checked in, the assistant at the front desk said she would have to check with the doctor.  She came out about five minutes later and said that the doctor WOULDN'T SEE ME!  I was livid.  She said that they wouldn't see me then, but they would try to fit me in their schedule later in the week for the malaria meds but would have to reschedule the exam after I returned.

I said, "No, thanks!" and left.

Last night, I got even worse and woke up this morning feeling like the walking dead.  Sick, 4 days to Africa, and no malaria meds yet.  So, I called Doug at work and we decided he'd help with the kids in the waiting room while I went to Urgent Care.

Drove to Nixa for a clinic we thought would be faster than the one in Springfield only to find out they didn't open til 5:00.  So, back to Springfield we went.

After I got in the room and the doctor came in, she noticed my James River Assembly T-shirt and metioned it.  Long story short....she has been attending JRA for several years, was so excited to hear about my mission trip, gave me a 3-Day script for meds so I'll be well before we leave, gave me the name of another Christian doc who also goes to JRA that I can see for a primary care person, prescribed the malaria meds I wanted in the first place, AND held my hands and prayed over me, my family and the mission trip before I left!  Thank You, Jesus!

The last couple of days have been tough ones.  I haven't felt well, not been sleeping well, getting anxious over leaving and then the whole doctor fiasco.  I'm so thankful that God took care of this one small detail and gave me just a little reminder that He is here, He is in control, He HAS called me to Africa and He WILL make a way!

Please pray that health will be restored quickly and that everyone in our household will be blessed with peace and filled with joy while Mommy is away.  I'm SO very excited to be the hands and feet of Jesus in this way!  At the same time, it is hard to think about leaving my family behind.  Honestly, it's harder than I expected, but I know that God will provide for all of us, and that His work will be accomplished through our sacrifices.  Thanks, ahead of time, for petitioning Heaven on our behalf!

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  1. God is good He would never let you down when you are doing His work, you are in my prayers God Bless