Sunday, May 23, 2010

Church In Africa!

Church in Africa is AMAZING!!  We went to a Presbyterian church with one of the workers from the orphanage.  Even the Presbyterians here know how to sing with lots of rhythm!  I wish we could have gone  to a more Evangelical one, but maybe next time.

And let me tell you....I'll not be listening to any more complaining about how we take up offerings.  These people took of offering FIVE different times!!  I'm not sure exactly what all it was for, but I think each one was for something different.  And..they make you walk to the front to put it in the bucket, so everyone knows whether or not you gave!  How's that for accountability? 

We spent the rest of the afternoon at The Covering playing with the kids and giving a workshop/training session to the workers.  The kids were great and the workers had a great time, too.  These women are so precious!  Some of them have to travel long distances to work here.  Everything is hard's so amazing how resilient these people are.  You'll be shocked when I'm able to post pictures.

Need to go, my battery is dying.  Post more when I'm able.

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